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The Devil`s Trade - What Happened To The... CD (Digipak)
The Devil`s Trade - What Happened To The... CD (Digipak)
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Fotocrime - Principle Of Pain LP
[GOLDEN 044]

Following last year’s acclaimed EPs Always Hell and Always Night, dark post-punk trio FOTOCRIME have announced the details for their debut full-length album, Principle Of Pain. FOTOCRIME is the creation of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist R (aka Ryan Patterson, longtime tentpole of the Louisville music scene). Set for a May 18 release Principle Of Pain boldly returns drum machines and analog synthesizer sequencing to the forefront of the guitar-rock landscape, resulting in an album that confidently displays a mastery of song craft and stylistic range while crafting an distinct sonic identity.

Written and demoed in his home studio over the course of a year, R shared his work with no one before traveling to Baltimore to record the album with producer J. Robbins, a friend and collaborator of nearly two decades. The album was completed with contributions from a small handful of friends, including future FOTOCRIME band members Shelley Anderson and Nick Thieneman. The stunning original album cover artwork was painted by Chicago-via-Barcelona artist Noelia Towers, renowned for her beautiful, challenging artwork depicting elements of BDSM and feminine power. An in-demand painter and apparel designer, this is her first commissioned album artwork.

Principle Of Pain is a deeply personal album, the singular work of an artist traversing the peaks and valleys of his obsessions, loves, and fears soundtracked by massive beats, warm synths, and guitars that veer from chiming cleans to blown out fuzz. The band head out on tour in April and May, dates below.

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