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PREORDER: Phantom Winter – CVLT

Hey everyone,

you can now preorder PHANTOM WINTER – CVLT CD/ LP via our online shop! You are also able to order a shirt that will just be available through us and nowhere else.
And yes, stream a song here as well!

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Wow, so many news! :-)


Golden Antenna is thrilled to be working with one of the most brutal bands in the underground: Sun Worship. Their new record is scheduled for fall 2015 and will be released on CD, LP and Digital.

Whether in the frozen Scandinavian forests or in the sprawling urbanity of Neukölln, desolation will be desolation. Berlin outfit Sun Worship channels this desolation into an icy spear of harsh beauty. The result is a kind of black metal without pretense or theatrics, a sonic landscape both stripped and dense, perceived through post-punk schooled eyes and reduced to its bare essentials. The music of Sun Worship is both a distant formal aesthetic homage to the era that first allowed for a spiritual experience of the genre as well a timeless catharsis through vehemence, momentum and volume.

RADARE sign to Golden Antenna and play “Summit”

Hey everyone,

more cool news coming weekly! :-)

We are so proud to announce the signing of Germany`s finest RADARE.

Radare’s songs are slow moving, played deliberately with intensity and patience. The setting is gloomy, even eerie at times. While former projects were deeply rooted in noise music, the Wiesbaden-based four-piece got together to dedicate themselves to quieter and simpler compositions—while relying more on Rhodes piano, brushed drums, brass sections, and mellow tremolo guitar sounds. Fascinated by the romantic but spooky themes of Angelo Badalamenti, the introspection of Bohren & Club Of Gore, and the grittier works of Talk Talk, Radare create the kind of mood where calmness turns into unease, and the line between comfort and uncertainty begins to blur.

We will be releasing their new full length this fall 2015. They will also be playing the “Golden Antenna Summit” on 16th May in Leipzig (@UT Connewitz) along Phantom Winter and BLCKWS.


CITY OF SHIPS sign to Golden Antenna

We are more than thrilled to announce that we signed CITY OF SHIPS. We will be releasing “Ultraluminal” on CD and LP on 20th March. Check out a teaser video below to know what you need to buy soon! :-)

Since forming in 2006, City of Ships has consistently impressed audiences with their distinctive brand of heavy, down-tuned melodic rock. Their third full-length “Ultraluminal” finds the band building sonic skyscrapers on the foundations laid by their previous two LPs. With its ten expertly-crafted new songs co-produced by veteran recordist Andrew Schneider (Big Business, Cave-In, Pelican) and mastered by Carl Saff (Guided By Voices, Young Widows), the album is an unequivocal game-changing declaration from one of America’s most compelling underground bands. Delving deeper into the sonic terrain mined by groundbreakers like Failure, Helmet and Quicksand, City of Ships delivers an innovative take on contemporary posthardcore to create an undeniably powerful listening experience.


STREAM: Junius – Forcing Out The Silence

You can stream “Forcing Out The Silence” by Junius now including the bonus track which is only available when you buy the LP!