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Coming soon: KERRETTA – Pirohia

COMING SOON: Pirohia from Golden Antenna on Vimeo.

PRE-ORDER: Minot – Equal / Opposite CD/ Limited LP/ Digital

Dear friends,

now available for pre-order is MINOT – Equal / Opposite CD/ Limited LP/ Digital. We have 100 copies on limited orange/ black vinyl and 400 copies on black. Order in our shop, please!
All pre-orders will get a FREE “FMTM – On Little Known Frequencies” CD as well. Aint that cool?


Gone for a week…

Hey everyone,

our online shop will be closed from 14th until 21st June. You can still order, but we wont send out your order until 22nd June.

Thanks for understanding,

LISTEN: O – When Plants Turn Into Stones

Hey people,

the wait is finally over. You can now stream the full record by “O” (Kreis) called “When Plants Turn Into Stones”.


PRE-ORDER: “O – When Plants Turn Into Stones”

Our big news for today is the pre-order for “O – When Plants Turn Into Stones“.

“O“ from Belgium/Netherlands/Germany takes atmosphere, temper and pitch from 70s-style movie scores. In some parts their new concept album reminds of outstanding albums by Tangerine Dream, Neu! or Cluster, but also other epic composers such as Ennio Morricone or bands like Sigur Ros and Godspeed You! Black Emperor gleam in the six self-contained tracks on the record with the programmatic title “When Plants Turn Into Stones“.

“When Plants Turn Into Stones“ is an acoustic journey that you should enjoy with your headphones on! The listener is launched into a timeless musical journey through unknown territory and melodic landscapes.
If you want to find out how the amazing artwork by Michael Birmanns was created, check out this beautiful video on our Vimeo channel right here!

PRE-ORDER: Go here please! We also have a limited pre-order shirt that will just be up for order until 30th May. Thank YOU!